Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning 9.00am Pilates

10.00am Pilates

11:30 Mums and Bubs


11:15 Pregnancy Aqua

9:00am Pilates

10.00am Pilates

Afternoon 12.30 Hydrotherapy

1.30 Hydrotherapy

1.30 Active Ageing exercise class

2.45 Active Ageing exercise class

Evening 5.15pm Pilates

6.00pm Pilates 

  5.00pm Pilates

7:30pm Pregnancy Aqua

5.15pm Pilates


Saturday morning       9.30am Pregnancy Pilates (mat and ball)


dreamstimemaximum PilatesOur Pilates classes are run by trained Matwork Pilates Physiotherapists and are great for increased core stability, improved posture, flexibility and to control back and neck pain.

One or more Pilates Physiotherapy individual consults are required before starting the classes.  This enables the physiotherapist to teach you the basic exercises and ensure correct technique, and also to grade the level of exercises for you to work safely within the class.  We use Real Time Ultrasound over the abdomen to show your core muscles and to teach you how to correctly recruit these muscles.  This consult is a Long Physiotherapy Consult (45 minutes) and normal health rebates apply.

Classes are held in our Exercise Studio at the rear of Hahndorf Physiotherapy, 42 Main Street Hahndorf.

Our Pilates classes are 45 minutes, see the time table above for class times.

Cost $24.50 (Health Fund Rebates apply)

Phone 8388 1277 to make a booking

Pregnancy Aqua

dreamstimemaximum_18997469Pregnancy Aqua classes are designed for pregnancy (from 12 weeks to full term) with specific exercises to strengthen the core, help relieve back pain and pelvic pain and improve aerobic fitness.  We give you a health questionnaire prior to entering the poor regarding any medical conditions or problems you are having during your pregnancy.  Class sizes are small and your physiotherapist will monitor your progress, and change exercises that may not be suitable for you.

The classes are held at an indoor, heated pool (approximately 34 degrees) on a private property just outside Hahndorf on Echunga Road. Coming from Hahndorf the property is the first gate on the right after Snelling Rd (more detail can be sent to you on how to get there).

Classes are on a Wednesday with either a day time option at 11.15am or an evening class at 7.30pm.

Bring a towel, bathers or shorts/t shirt/rashy and water bottle to drink while in the pool.

Cost $24.50 (Heath fund rebates apply for Physiotherapy Group Exercise) We ask you to pay in cash at the pool, and a receipt will be issued that allows you to claim a rebate if you have health insurance.

Phone 8388 1277 to make a booking

Pregnancy Pilates (mat and ball)dreamstimemaximum_14499182

This Pilates class is for pregnant women (from 12 weeks to full term) and is also suitable for post natal women. Specific exercises strengthen the core, improve flexibility and help to relieve back and pelvis pain along with general strengthening and helpful tips and advice from Women’s Health Physiotherapists.  Equipment used includes large fitball, hand weights, theraband and bosu ball.

The class is held at 9.30 am Saturday in the Exercise Studio at the back of Hahndorf Physiotherapy, 42 Main Street Hahndorf.  The car park is opposite the Hahndorf Inn, with the driveway next to the Bag Shop and Lemonrie Café. Entry to the Exercise Studio is via the side gate behind the main Physiotherapy building.

Please phone to book before the class on 8388 1277 The cost is $24.50 and health fund rebates apply.


Mums and Bubs

dreamstimemaximum_29955908Meet other mums and exercise with your baby in a fun, social class.  Annette Innes, an experienced Women’s Health Physio, incorporates Pilates, ball exercises, strengthening and flexibility to safely regain your abdominal and pelvic floor strength and fitness.

You can join the class from 6 weeks, after your post natal check.  There is a small class size allowing for individual monitoring by the physiotherapist.  Bring a blanket or throw for your baby, and wear comfortable clothing for exercising. 

Mums and Bubs exercise classes are held at YMCA Gym at Mount Barker, 2 Howard Lane Mount Barker.

There is a crèche available for toddlers at the gym.  You will need to let us know when you are booking if you require the crèche.

Class Time Tuesday 11.30 am

Cost $24.50(health fund rebates apply)  We ask you to pay in cash at the class, a receipt will be issued allowing you to claim if you have health insurance.

Phone 8388 1277 to make a booking

Balls /Core Class

PrintThe Balls/Core class is a more advanced post natal exercise class and is also suitable for anyone who wants to improve their core stability, flexibility and strength.  Run by a physiotherapist (Michelle and Annette alternate weeks) who specifically design exercises using large exercise balls, exercise bands and weights.

The Balls/Core Class is held in the exercise room at the rear of Hahndorf Physiotherapy, 42 Main Street Hahndorf.

Time  Thursday 7.30 pm.  Cost $24.50 (health fund rebates apply)

Phone 8388 1277 to make a booking.

Active Ageing (Falls and Balance Class) 

A small class with some group work and closely supervised, individualized exercise programs within a group setting. Classes include are variety of equipment including:

  • Physio-Chi (a form of Tai Chi which has been modified by physios for safety and stability)
  • Hand and leg weights
  • Whole body vibration
  • Physi-slide exerciser
  • Resistance band exercises
  • Balance equipment

Wear comfortable clothing to allow movement.

Classes are held on Thursday afternoons at 1.30pm and 2.45pm. The cost is $24.50 and health fund rebates apply.

Phone 8388 1277 to make a booking


We also offer a range of personalised options including:

Rehabilitation and Exercise programmes

Providing individualised therapy programmes for a wide range of conditions:

  • Early post orthopaedic surgery
  • Acute injuries
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Chronic pain problems
  • Poor balance leading to falls

Individualised Exercise Programmes

Specifically tailored strengthening programmes for individual problems may
consist of :

  • Floor exercises
  • Fitball exercises
  • Weight & gym work
  • Whole Body vibration
  • Core muscle strengthening and training
  • Physi-slide exerciser