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Continence & Pelvic Floor - Men

At Hahndorf Physiotherapy, we understand that continence and pelvic floor issues can have a significant impact on men’s physical, emotional and social wellbeing. That’s why we provide reliable and effective physiotherapy treatments to help men improve their pelvic floor muscle function and manage continence issues.

Male problems with incontinence, pelvic pain and erectile function are treated by Angela. 

A consult is recommended before Prostatectomy (Radical or TURP) to discuss what to expect and how to minimize incontinence through correct pelvic floor muscle action.  Follow up after the surgery is also recommended to ensure correct technique and timing of pelvic floor muscle action which has been shown to reduce post-operative incontinence and erectile dysfunction often associated with prostatectomy.

Understanding Continence and Pelvic Floor Issues for Men

Continence and pelvic floor issues affect men of all ages and can result in a range of symptoms, including:
  • Leakage of urine when coughing, sneezing, or lifting heavy objects
  • Urgency to urinate and difficulty in delaying or holding on to urine
  • Difficulty emptying the bladder or bowel completely
  • Pain or discomfort in the pelvic area or during sexual activity


These symptoms can have a significant impact on men’s quality of life
and may lead to anxiety, social isolation, and reduced self-esteem.

Why Physiotherapy is a Proven and Reliable Treatment Option

Physiotherapy is a proven and reliable treatment option for continence and pelvic floor issues in men. Our experienced physiotherapists use a range of techniques to help men improve their pelvic floor muscle function and manage their symptoms.

These techniques include:

  • Pelvic floor muscle training: Our physiotherapists will teach you how to contract and relax your pelvic floor muscles, improving their strength, endurance and control.
  • Bladder training: We will help you to establish a routine for emptying your bladder and provide strategies to help you delay urination.
  • Bowel management: Our physiotherapists can provide advice and education on bowel management techniques to help you achieve regular bowel movements and avoid constipation.
  • Behavioural modification: We can help you modify certain behaviours that may be contributing to your symptoms, such as drinking too much fluid or consuming caffeine.
  • Biofeedback: We use biofeedback devices to help you understand and improve your pelvic floor muscle function.

The Benefits of Physiotherapy for Continence and Pelvic Floor Issues in Men

Physiotherapy has many benefits for men with continence and pelvic floor issues, including:

  • Improved pelvic floor muscle strength and function
  • Reduced symptoms of incontinence and urgency
  • Enhanced sexual function and satisfaction
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved quality of life

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If you are experiencing continence or pelvic floor issues, physiotherapy can help. Our experienced physiotherapists at Hahndorf Physiotherapy are here to provide you with effective and reliable treatments to improve your pelvic floor muscle function and manage your symptoms. Book your appointment today and let us help you regain control of your life.

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