Hydrotherapy at Hahndorf Physiotherapy


The Healing Power of Water

Are you struggling with pain or limited mobility due to an injury or chronic condition? Hydrotherapy may be the solution you need to regain your health and wellbeing.

At Hahndorf Physiotherapy, we offer expert hydrotherapy services in a comfortable and safe environment.

Discover the Benefits of Hydrotherapy at Hahndorf Physiotherapy Clinic in South Australia

Our Hydrotherapy classes are held at a private, indoor, heated pool at The Retreat, 9 Hoylake Avenue, Stirling (adjacent to the entrance to the Stirling Golf Course).  We have small class sizes and your physiotherapist will guide you in an individual exercise program tailored to your needs.  An “on land” assessment is required prior to booking in to a pool class, and this can be done by your current physiotherapist or alternatively make a booking for an assessment at Hahndorf Physiotherapy.


The pool is heated to 32 degrees.  To enter the pool there are steps into the water with a side hand rail so a level of mobility is required. There are two separate toilets with a shower and an area to change, but due to time limits we encourage clients to shower at home after attending the pool.

Book now at Hahndorf Physiotherapy and experience the healing power of water. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to assist you on your journey to better health and wellbeing.

Here are some of the advantages of hydrotherapy:

  1. Pain Relief: The buoyancy of water reduces the pressure on your joints, which can help alleviate pain and discomfort. Water also provides resistance to movements, which can help strengthen muscles and improve flexibility.

  2. Rehabilitation: Hydrotherapy is an excellent form of rehabilitation for injuries or surgeries. The low-impact nature of water allows for a gentler form of exercise, which can help promote healing and recovery.

  3. Improved Circulation: Immersion in water can improve blood flow and circulation, which can help reduce inflammation and promote healing.

  4. Stress Relief: Hydrotherapy can also provide mental and emotional benefits by reducing stress and promoting relaxation. Being in water can help you feel weightless, which can be soothing and calming.

Benefits of hydrotherapy:

Hydrotherapy is a form of physical therapy that involves exercises and movements performed in water. This therapeutic modality has numerous benefits, both physical and psychological, that can help improve overall health and wellbeing. Here are some additional benefits of hydrotherapy:

  1. Increased Range of Motion: The warm water used in hydrotherapy can help increase flexibility and range of motion by reducing muscle tension and allowing for greater movement.

  2. Improved Balance and Coordination: The buoyancy of water allows for a low-impact environment where balance and coordination can be improved without putting excessive stress on the joints.

  3. Weight Management: Hydrotherapy can be an effective form of exercise for weight management, as the resistance of water provides a challenging workout without the impact of traditional land-based exercise.

  4. Improved Sleep: Hydrotherapy can also help promote better sleep by reducing stress and promoting relaxation.

  5. Injury Prevention: Hydrotherapy can be used as a preventative measure to help reduce the risk of injury by improving strength, flexibility, and balance.

  6. Enhanced Cardiovascular Fitness: Hydrotherapy can also be beneficial for cardiovascular fitness as the water provides resistance that can help improve heart and lung function.

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